Unlike other Aesthetic Clinics Cardiff that take a business approach to your body; truth, honesty and transparency is the cornerstone of our work. Visit us for a free and friendly no strings attached consultation. Together we will have a discussion about your skin, potential treatment options and hopefully, increase your knowledge about your specific skin and personalized products. We are here to help you look the best you’ve looked in the safest way possible – transparency is our organization’s key strength. This will be your personal one stop shop for the face, Skin and body treatments, Botox Treatment Clinics in Cardiff, Botox Treatment for Anti Aging in Cardiff, Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Cardiff, Lip Fillers and Enhancement Cardiff, Best Lip Fillers in Cardiff, Cheek Fillers and Cheek Enhancement in Cardiff, Anti Ageing Treatments Cardiff, Jaw Line and Chin Filler Cardiff, Body Pigmentation Treatments Cardiff, Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Cardiff, Best Mesotherapy Clinics in Cardiff, Aesthetic Clinic in Cardiff, Acne Treatment in Cardiff, Acne Specialist in Cardiff, Pigmentation Specialist in Cardiff, Hair loss Treatment in Cardiff, Best Acne Scars treatment in Cardiff, Weight Loss Treatment in Cardiff Services are currently offered in both the UK and India – currently based in Cardiff, London and New Delhi. Our customized, non-surgical approach towards beauty and treatment in a relaxing and friendly environment makes us unique in our field. We offer a variety of treatments that are FDA(MHRA UK) approved, for both men and women by qualified aesthetic practitioners and doctors. Even if you have never been to an aesthetics clinic before, come in for a friendly chat.

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Dr. Nancy Sharma; lead clinician, founder and director of
Dr. Nancy skin and Aesthetics.

About Dr. Nancy

I always knew I had a passion to learn more about the dermis. Thus, after qualifying with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 2014, I pursued a master’s degree in dermatology at a prestigious university in The United Kingdom. I then increased my clinical experience in this field and further specialized in treating skin conditions along with experience of advanced non-surgical aesthetics.

As a qualified doctor, Dr. Nancy Skin and aesthetic clinic provides best acne, melasma and hyperpigmentation treatment in Cardiff to help you achieve clear skin. There are wide varieties of treatments and products available to help you with your acne scars, spots and pigmentation. These treatments can be delivered through different ways such as microneedling, mesotherapy and medical grade peel which can only be given by a qualified medical professional All the treatments are delivered by our specialist Dr. Nancy herself and she is always there to provide care, expert advice and support to you in your journey to feel and look confident. Treatment starting from £199.

Clinic also offers hair loss treatment for alopecia including alopecia areata and male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia. These treatments are for both males and females helping them to not only reduce or slow down their hair loss but also to regrow them. For patches of hair loss in alopecia aerate, injections can be given into your scalp through a small needle to get best results. Treatment starts from £149

We now also provide treatment to help you get rid of your body fat through safer non-surgical ways. These treatments get rid of small stubborn pockets of fats from different areas of your body which are resistant to diet and exercise. The treatment gives fairly long-lasting results but is not a substitute for weight loss. Most common body areas for this treatment are belly, chin, chest, thighs, arm, knee and ankles. Treatment consists of delivering Aqualyx® into your localized fat deposits through injection which helps in the breakdown of fat cells. Treatment starts from £249

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